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Our Mission:

Bring the world closer together.

We created an interactive and fun board-game to stimulate a genuine understanding of each other's daily situation. The main focus is to counter intolerance and discrimination.


The Game

The Bonding Beyond Borders game combines different types of activities, based on the intergroup contact theory. Through real life stories, fact questions and multicultural games, players discover their biases and grow closer together.




Our game has been played multiple times while reaching over 340 students who all claim to have a better understanding about different cultures after playing our game.




Teachers clearly see a difference in the way their students interact with each other once their mind has been challenged to think beyond the stereotypes.




After piloting the game, more than 50 orders were already registered for next school year. Are you going to miss out? Or are you next?


Our impact

The more we know each other, the better we accept each other. Our game takes away a pessimistic vision on social cohesion, effectively transmits factual knowledge and counters stereotypes and prejudices. And this on many different topics!

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“My experience with the game is that it is a very educational game. The students realize they have many prejudices and these prejudices are tackled throughout the game. ”

- Teacher Secondary school